How to use this tutorial

Welcome to an on-line tutorial on how to create a basic geologic map using ESRI’s ArcMap 10.x software.  This is by no means a comprehensive “how-to” on using the Arc suite of software, I encourage you to explore the software on your own.

Here’s how to use this tutorial:

The menus at the top of the page are the “Table of Contents” for the tutorial.  These will always be present in case you need to page through to different parts.  In order to fully understand what you are doing, please follow along in order.  The tutorial is set up sequentially, so of course start from the beginning.  Quick note- in order to decrease the likelihood of the inevitable ArcMap crash or hiccup, be sure to follow the order of operations laid out in the tutorial.  Arc likes things to be done in a certain order, and the instructions are laid out a such.

Good luck, and happy digitizing!